Investment Criteria

Berkshire Ventures Investments targets businesses with proven experience and track records operating in major U.S. markets.

Target Company Characteristics:
  • Seasoned entrepreneurial management with a meaningful co–investment in the business

  • Significant experience and focus on a particular property sector or industry market segment

  • Strong off–market deal sourcing capability

  • Experienced value–add execution capability (renovations, redevelopment, leasing, and property management)

  • Operating and investment strategies that can attract institutional capital

Target Property Sectors:
  • Senior Housing

  • Industrial

  • Office

  • Student Housing

  • Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Mixed-Use

Investment Parameters:
  • $20 to $40 million GP equity and platform commitment with the ability to bring in follow–on growth capital

  • Flexible investment horizon of 5 to 10 years

  • Willingness to co-invest with like-minded, experienced investors